Message from Enviro Blocks Group


Dear reader,

At Enviro Blocks we’ve always taken pride in community well-being and values, and with the recent news of COVID-19 that pillar of our values remains integral. We have been actively monitoring updates from relevant authorities to help manage our response, and I would like to update you accordingly.

Firstly, we recognise that individually we can do so much more by practising social distancing and reducing the surge of new cases by learning from the lessons overseas. If we go hard now, we can flatten the curve.


Suspended Travel


With this in mind, we have made the difficult but very moral public-interest decision to postpone non-essential staff travel, for the time being, effective immediately. This is in the interest of our nation’s need of the hour – to help flatten the curve of COVID-19’s spread and allow our medical systems time to prepare – and is also a response to concerns many of you have begun to express.


Technology is at our Core


Of course, we will keep in close contact with our customers about the status and delivery of their orders along with general enquiries. Using latest-tech solutions to deliver our work remotely this is something we are all already very familiar with and will ramp up during this time to ensure your orders are provided promptly and efficiently.


Deliveries and Orders


As I write this, it is pleasing to say online orders can still be processed and that I can stock a vast amount of product at my home.

As of the 24th of March, all orders will therefore, be processed and picked up by couriers from this location. In doing this, I will be able to isolate my family and myself as well as keep the disruption of Enviro Blocks orders to a minimum. Hopefully, do our bit to help flatten the curve.


Information is Wisdom


Each day we wake up, we are learning more as a community about how to engage with this issue, how to not be panicked by it, stay calm, mitigate risk and play hard to flatten the curve We encourage you to also stay informed through invaluable resources such as WHO, who regularly update their FAQs online, and other similarly credible sources.

Irrespective of whether we work together in person or remotely, we will continue to chip away as we always have, to support our customers in a positive and meaningful way. We are as a nation very fortunate that we have time on our hands to flatten the curve, and to do this, social distancing is a must. This phase will pass, it doesn’t have to be catastrophic if we choose for it to not be and in the end, we will emerge wiser, would have spent more quality time at home (not in traffic jams), taken the time to read a new book, re-live a hobby we kept putting away, cherish more moments with our loved ones, ponder over life’s little things and unlock potential we never knew was hidden in our lives.


Keep safe


Matt Owen – Director