How to Install Easy-Edge

One of the unique features of Easy Edge is its ease of installation. Easy Edge comes in easy to manage one-metre lengths along with all the pegs and joiners you need to create a great looking garden border.

You simply position the edging in place, then take the provided stakes and secure them to the ground. If you are fixing into concrete or timber, you can use a large range of fixings including screws and raw bolts, as illustrated above. These are available from your local hardware store.

Easy Edge can bend up to 70°, and thus can be used to create crisp, modern curves around your beds. Let the edging guide you around the natural curves of the ground rather than forcing it into shape.

Easy Edge can be extended quickly using the provided connector rods. These rods simply slide into the pre-drilled holes found at the end of each section. If your edging is too long or needs to be altered, it can be easily cut with a handsaw or hacksaw.

For an accurate cut, we recommend using a mitre box. Always wear PPE while installing Easy-Edge.


Please note: When carrying out a 90-degree bend, you may require silicon to fill in any gaps that occur as the rubber stretches. Silicon can be purchased from your local hardware store to match the colour of the garden edging. If you are not sure about creating a 90-degree bend, you can purchase them pre made here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut Easy-Edge?

Yes, We recommend carefully cutting it with a hand saw. Circular saws are NOT recommended as they may snag on the rubber.

Do I need a trades person or special tools?

No, Easy-Edge is easy to install and no specialised tools are required.