Pilbara Red Enviro Blocks edging separating lawn and flower bed
Safe Play Rubber Garden Border

The Perfect Garden Border Solution for Schools and Daycares

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to children’s spaces. Easy Edge garden edging is designed with this in mind. Made from durable, high-quality materials, it eliminates the risk of sharp edges or splinters often associated with traditional wood or metal edging. Its smooth, rounded design ensures that children can play and explore without the fear of injuries.

Easy Installation and Use

One of the most significant advantages of Easy Edge garden edging is its ease of installation. It requires no special tools, making it an ideal choice for schools and daycares with limited maintenance resources. Additionally, the flexible design allows it to be easily shaped to fit any garden layout, from simple straight lines to intricate curves. Maintenance is also a breeze, as the edging is resistant to weathering, rot, and pests.

Cost-Effective Landscaping Solution

Budget constraints are often a concern for schools and daycare centres. Easy Edge garden edging provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Not only is the initial investment reasonable, but the low maintenance requirements and long-lasting durability also result in significant long-term savings.

Proven Success in Australian Schools and Daycare Centres

Easy Edge garden edging has already been implemented in numerous schools and daycare centres across Australia, with outstanding results. The product’s adaptability and resilience make it an excellent fit for various environments, from playgrounds and sports fields to sensory gardens and outdoor classrooms.

Benefits for Children and Faculty

Not only does Easy Edge garden edging provide a safer environment for children, but it also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. A well-organised and visually appealing garden can boost children’s learning experiences and improve faculty morale.

In conclusion, Easy Edge garden edging is the ideal solution for schools and daycare centres seeking a safe, smart, and beautiful outdoor environment. Its focus on safety, ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and proven success in educational institutions across Australia makes it the perfect choice for creating a welcoming atmosphere that benefits both children and faculty. 

Used by councils in QLD, NSW and VIC

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. Delivery costs around $15 per pack and usually takes around seven working days from the time of order.

Our sustainable products are crafted from discarded tyres and rubber that would have ended up in landfills. We take great pride in repurposing these materials and contributing to environmental conservation. Join us in our efforts to make a positive impact on the planet, one small step at a time.

Rest assured, using whipper snippers on your edging won’t cause any damage! The cord bounces off without leaving any unsightly marks. You can maintain the pristine look of your lawn without worrying about accidental scuffs from your garden tools.

The dimensions are as follows:  length: 1000 mm – height: 80 mm – width: 75 mm.

One meter contains five blocks which are the size of a standard house brick. 

Making the installation process easier than ever! Browse our installation page for detailed instructions or opt for hassle-free pre-made bends available for purchase online.

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