Easy-Edge Garden Edging (Pilbara Red)

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Our Pilbara Red garden edging takes inspiration from the most remote and wildly beautiful areas of Australia, from the rugged ranges of the Kimberley to the rich earth of the red centre. This hue embodies connection to the earth and landscape.

  • Versatile: Flexibility which allows you to bend and shape around the curves of your garden, can bend up to 70 degrees
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from end of use tyres
  • Easy to install: Includes installation spikes and connectors for easy installation
  • Child-friendly: Safer than concrete & metal
  • Lawnmower friendly: Sits flush with your lawn when installed
  • Extremely durable: They won’t crack or break as they’re made from recycled rubber
  • Delivered throughout Australia
  • Extend & re-shape when required

    Size L: 100cm  H: 8.0cm  W: 7.5cm

    Material: Recycled Rubber

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