Easy DIY Installation

Installed in minutes, experience the simplest garden edging installation ever. We guarantee it!

Flexible Design

Our Easy Edge Garden Border offers a flexible design that allows you to create unique and stylish garden borders and pathways without special tools. 

Recycled Tyre Materials

Made from recycled tyres, Easy Edge is an eco-friendly and durable option.

Easy Edge Flexible Garden Border

Stylish, Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Easy DIY, No Dig Installation Garden Bed Edging.

Enviro Blocks Easy Edge Garden Edging offers a hassle-free solution for creating stunning garden edges and paths. With easy installation, this rubber garden edging takes only minutes to install and requires no digging; this flexible option allows for seamless bends to enhance garden borders or pathways. Additionally, it is eco-friendly and safe for children. 

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Recycled Product Badge

$79.99$219.99 incl. GST

$79.99$219.99 incl. GST

$79.99$219.99 incl. GST

$79.99$219.99 incl. GST

Recycled Product Badge

Eco-Friendly and Safer for Children

Crafted from recycled materials

At Enviro Blocks, we are committed to creating products that are not only functional but also environmentally friendly. Our Easy Edge Garden Border is made from recycled rubber, making it a sustainable choice for your garden. Additionally, it is safe for children to play around, as it has no sharp edges or corners. You can have peace of mind knowing that your garden is both beautiful and safe for your family. 

Installation Process
Unmatched Simplicity and Style
Preparation: Start Your Easy Edge Installation

Begin by defining your garden edges and clearing any debris or grass that might interfere with the installation of the Easy Edge garden edging.

Positioning: Align Your Easy Edge Garden Edging

Position the Easy Edge garden edging along the defined border, ensuring it fits snugly and follows the desired contour of your garden.

Securing: Finalise Your Easy Edge Installation

Secure the Easy Edge garden edging in place using the provided stakes, driving them into the ground through the pre-drilled holes to ensure stability and permanence.

Enviro Blocks edging separating lawn and flower bed.