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Available In Four Colours

DIY Garden Bed Edging

Installed In Minutes, Treasured For Years Easy Edge by Enviro Blocks is an Eco-friendly, DIY garden border product made from end-of-life tyres. It creates robust and durable landscaping and garden bed borders with instant curb appeal. When installed  Easy Edge is straightforward to install and a sustainable way to maintain clean lines and a small retaining wall for a slightly raised flower bed. Furthermore, it is flexible enough to allow you to create almost any curve you like, and it’s available in a variety of colours.

Easy Edge is an eco-friendly, DIY and child-friendly alternative to concrete and metal landscape edging. Easy Edge incorporating an integrated gutter will complement any garden design and can be installed facing inwards or outwards and has pre-drilled holes for fixing. Easy Edge is lawnmower and whipper snipper friendly, allowing you to mow or strim right up to the edge of the lawn, preventing the need to trim borders by hand. Check out our installation page here.

Have peace of mind. There’s no need to leave your home; purchase online or give us a call, and we will arrange to deliver to your doorstep.

No Specialised Tools or Knowledge Needed

Easy Edge has been designed for visual appeal and fast, simple installation. As an alternative to concrete and steel garden borders, our edging is so flexible that it can be shaped and installed without the need for any specialised tools, digging or knowledge of landscaping. 

Flexible, Durable & Eco-Friendly

Made from recycled rubber, the eco-friendly Easy-Edge system provides an alternative to steel and concrete garden borders and can be shaped around garden paths and used as lawn edging. Easy-Edge is lawnmower-safe and can withstand the use of a whipper snipper. It can be moved and repositioned as you desire by removing the fixings provided. 

Four Great Colours & Easy to Use

Available in four great colours, our Easy-Edge system comes in easy-to-manage one-metre lengths, along with fixing pegs and joiners. It is easy to install and can also be cut to size using a standard handsaw. Now, even the borders of your garden can enjoy vibrancy from the varied colours of Easy-Edge, which you can change as and when you like! 

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Why Choose Easy Edge?

  • Flexible & easy to install
  • Time saving installation
  • No digging required
  • Easy alternative to metal edging
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Child friendly
  • Delivered To Your Door
  • Alternative to concrete edging
  • Reshape and install as required
  • Lawn Mower & Whipper Snipper Safe
  • Ideal for daycares & schools
  • Size: L: 100cm – H: 8cm x W: 7.5cm
  • DIY – No need for a trades person
  • Purchase additional lengths as required
  • Safer for playgrounds
  • Lifetime Warranty

Purchase Direct Online

Easy DIY Installation

When you purchase Enviro Blocks Easy Edge, you can easily install it yourself without assistance from professional landscapers. No special tools or equipment are needed.

You do not even have to dig into the ground or have any special landscaping knowledge to create neat, well-manicured garden beds. While the edging is heavy-duty and durable, it’s not at all cumbersome to lift and move during installation, unlike bricks, stone, or steel edging. It takes just minutes to install this product into your desired formation.

Flexible and Easy to Shape

Property owners love Easy Edge because it allows them to create custom designs. Install straight lines or curved lines to create distinctive edging features, and now you can even purchase pre-made 90-degree bends to make the installation quicker and easier. Easy Edge system is flexible so it’s easy to shape; you can edge anything you like on your landscape, adjusting to curves, dips in the ground, or unusual shapes with ease.

If you decide you’d like to make changes to your garden beds or reshape your edging–no problem! Easy Edge is also easy to adjust and manoeuvre.

Eco-Friendly Recycled

Because Enviro Blocks Easy Edge Garden Edging is made from end-of-life tires, it’s an eco-friendly way to achieve your custom landscaping designs. Once tires reach the end of their useful life, they can be transformed into other useful products. Enviro Blocks has perfected a method to transform these old tires into durable yet flexible garden designs.

The result is a popular product enjoyed by both professional and novice landscapers alike. Anyone can use this edging product to achieve distinctive garden border ideas in mere minutes.

Ideal for Playgrounds, Daycares, and Schools

Easy Edge is highly durable and child safe. That makes it an ideal edging solution for playgrounds, daycare centres, and schools. In fact, because of its rubberised construction, it’s safer than metal edging or steel landscaping edging in settings where children play. Use this edging to create borders around playground spaces, playground equipment, and other features on your property

The edging is slightly raised, so it’s ideal for keeping mulch, stone, or other ground coverings in place. Because it’s durable and designed with longevity in mind, it can stand up easily to bumps from lawnmowers or other landscaping tools.